Ahh, the Good Old Days

A long time ago, back in the Decade that Good Taste Forgot (aka the 1970’s), an unholy fusion of yarn and aluminum created the Crocheted Beer Can Hat. I remember seeing one of these things at my neighbor’s house, made from Hamm’s Beer cans and pink, white, and green variegated yarn. I remember seeing people wear these chapeau’s in public.

Thanks to Stitchy McYarnpants, you can now make your own crocheted beer can hat. Remember kids, if you want that authentic 1970’s feel, use only the cheapest acrylic yarn in variegated colors (Red Heart Supersaver) and use only aluminum from the cheapest of beers. Schlitz, Old Milwaukee, Hamm’s, and Red, White, and Blue are good choices for this.

Ahh, the good old days…Shag carpeting, dark wood paneling, macramé, polyester leisure suits, disco, CB radios, and fashioning hats out of aluminum cans and cheap-o yarn.


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