Harry Potter

At the risk of being publicly flogged, I am going to say this:


Based on all the things I have seen on TV in the past month or so, Harry Potter fans, especially the adult fans can never utter the words “Get a Life” to any of the following:

  • Star Wars fans
  • Star Trek fans
  • Die Hard Green Bay Packers fans
  • Die Hard Chicago Bears fans
  • Die Hard Chicago Cubs fans
  • Anime Fans
  • Transformers Fans
  • Die Hard Kansas City Chiefs Fans
  • Die Hard Yankees fans
  • Die Hard Red Sox fans
  • Die Hard English Soccer, er, football fans
  • Barry Manilow fans
  • Fans of anything Joss Whedon has ever done

I will not knock the books for two reasons. One, it got kids to read books, and I can’t knock anything that gets kids to read. Kids today need to turn off the Playstation, put down the iPod, turn off the TV and read books and dream and be allowed to use their imaginations. Imagination is what leads to creativity. Creativity and the ability to dream and imagine is what leads to invention. Who says science isn’t creative? Anything that has ever been invented was started because someone imagined it and tried to make what was in their imagination a reality. Two, I haven’t read them, so I can’t really say if their good or bad.

There are two things that keep me away from the whole Harry Potter phenomenon. One is all the hype and the mania. I have yet to encounter anything that has managed to live up to all it’s hype, ever. As I get older, I also think it’s genetically hardwired into my DNA to avoid anything that’s overly hyped up. Rebellion and individuality is in my DNA. Can’t fight genetics. I am capable of deciding for myself if I think something good enough to be worth my time and money. The media doesn’t need to decide that for me.

The other thing that keeps me away is the adult fans. I can’t knock adults for reading children’s books because I’m 37 years old and I still crack open Little House on the Prairie when the mood strikes. But when I see the obsessiveness of some of these people, it, quite honestly scares the shit out of me.

My eight year old nephew is big into HP. So big, I am knitting him a scarf for his birthday (and I will happily do it because I know how happy it will make him). My nephew’s love of these books and movies is something that serves to remind me of the innocence of childhood. Some of these adult fans just absolutely shatter that innocence.

A few years ago, I was reading a blog that I read from time to time. The author in question went to see one of the HP movies and this person was writing about all the possible slash fic moments she could write about.

Slash, for the uninitiated, is a genre of fan fiction where the writer pairs two same sex characters together, usually male, in a sexual relationship. Most slash is totally pointless. I am not a fan of it, mainly because not one person who has ever written this has ever made their pairing of choice plausible in my eyes. A lot of people write it because they think they’re being shocking. I knew a person who went out of their way to write slash fic just to piss off all the bible thumpers and fundies in the fan community.

Back to the blogger. She was writing about all the possible slash moments she could write about. Slash fic. About a boy wizard. And his professor.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this akin to kiddie porn? Isn’t this the sort of thing that makes the rest of the world disgusted with NAMBLA?

Some people say, “whatever floats your boat”, right? Wrong.

I have a BIG problem with slash fic involving children’s books/characters. If you want to write Starsky and Hutch slash or Sentinal slash, knock yourselves out. If you want to write any fan fic about your favorite show, go for it. But these adults who are so into the HP that they have to write crappy and pointless fan fic about it just ruin the whole childhood innocence thing. Yes, this all goes back to my nephew and other kids who read these books and dream and imagine and play and get pure childlike joy out of dressing up as Harry Potter for Halloween. It’s like these people seem to forget that this is first and foremost, FOR KIDS. You, as adults who should really know better, with all of your obsessiveness have basically taken that childhood wonder and innocence and crushed it into dust. But then again, adults have this very nasty and annoying habit of taking anything kids enjoy for fun and ruin it. Like playing sports for fun.

Thanks a lot you social retards. Go back into the basement where you belong.

My DH thinks I’m not being fair and that I should give it a chance anyway. Too late. Any chance that existed has been totally ruined by these people. I have no interest in it at all. Nothing he will say will change my mind.


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