Stick A Fork In Them, They’re Done!


Originally uploaded by Ms. Ann O’Malley

I finished the gloves I was working on today. :Does the Happy Dance: Here’s a picture!

I started these gloves back in June and it took me about a week to do the first one and I started the second one. Then it got hot and the last thing I wanted to be doing in July and August was handling wool. So they sat until September. I got them done this afternoon!

As for my sock, I am now ribbing the cuff and I have about three more inches to go before I will cast off. I think I’ll be to that point possibly tomorrow. I will start to cast on for the second sock.

Today, DH and I went to my LYS to get more yarn. I got three of the seven colors I need for the Season 12 Tom Baker Doctor Who scarf. The lady who owns the LYS knew what it was. I had to order the other four colors, as they weren’t on the shelf there. They’re really cool about special ordering stuff for you there.

I am not going to knit the sweater I planned on knitting.  I’m going try another one, instead.