WIP It, WIP It Good!

Some updates on my WIP’s and a FO…

I’m happy to report that the gloves went over very well.  My son was surprised to get them.  I think he liked those better than the CD’s I got him.

I’ll have to get a picture up, but I’m making progress on Tubey.  I’ve switched to the DPN’s and am now working on the first sleeve.

My wrist is feeling better enough to the point where I think I’m going to cast on for the second sock soon, but I’m thinking about switching back and forth between the two circs and the DPN’s.  After I get paid on Thursday, I want to go to the LYS and pick out some metal size 1 DPN’s.  Sometimes it seems as if the bamboo ones I have might snap when I’m working with them, especially when working on the short rows.

Last weekend, I acquired three of the seven colors needed to knit a Tom Baker Season 12 Doctor Who scarf.  I will be doing it in the Brown Sheep C0. Nature Spun Sport.  From what I read on the site, it sounds like you can’t get most of the Jo Sharp colors anymore and that some of the other colors in the scarf aren’t what he thought they were.  That’s okay, though, because I’m going to go by the pattern as it is written.   I hope Brown Sheep doesn’t discontinue those seven colors because I would think that now, they would sell a lot of that yarn for Doctor Who scarves.  I wish I could link to my Ravelry Stash page to show it off, but since it’s still in beta, I can’t yet.  I have the red, the tan and the gray.  I had to have the LYS order the other four colors for me.  I’m hoping it comes in this week.


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