Update of Sorts

I haven’t done much knitting in the past few days. I haven’t been online in the past few days because I’ve been indulging my MST3K habit as well. I need to get pictures taken of my progress on my sock and Tubey.

I cast on for the second sock; however, I’m doing the toe a bit differently than I did the first one. The stripes seem to be lining up with the first sock.

I’ve also joined in the round for Sleeve #1 on Tubey, got to the part where you increase five stitches and I have about 12 inches of Sleeve #1 done. When my sleeve gets to the length specified in the pattern, I’m going to put it on waste yarn to hold the stitches. I plan on doing this with the second sleeve, too. This way, when I get to a point in this where I can try it on as I go, I will know how long the sleeves are and if I need to knit them any longer.

I did trek up to Hobby Lobby the other night to check out their selection of “I Love This Yarn”. It’s definitely softer than the RHSS. I’ve heard some people say that it’s not good for making fringes because it splits, and I can see from looking at it, where it could do that. I think what I will do is buy a ball of it, knit a swatch or two, and then wash it to see how it behaves before buying a lot of it*. I’m torn, though, on which afghan to do. I’ve got my eyes on two of them. One is the sampler afghan from the Cables Untangled book and the other is a free pattern from the Lion Brand Website. I feel like getting my cables on. 😉 I can get the Lion Brand Yarn that the second afghan pattern calls for at Hancock’s and the project will still be under $40.00 for yarn. The only drawback is that Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool only comes in one color. I was wanting to do my afghan in a wine or burgundy color, which will go rather nicely with my green couch. I live in an apartment with white walls, so I’d like to have some color besides white.

*I made the mistake of buying $40 worth of yarn I ended up hating to knit a Doctor Who Scarf for my DH because it was cheapest one that had all the colors called for in the pattern. While the amount of money I spent on that yarn was about a third of what I could have spent if I used one of the yarn brands called for in the pattern, that scarf became an UnFinished Object and the yarn ended up going to Goodwill. Of course, it didn’t help that DH wanted the Season 16 scarf, which is twice as long as the Season 12 scarf (which is longer than your typical scarf), either.

Not to totally get off track, but Word Press allows you to insert special characters. Like this infinity sign. ∞ Pretty cool!


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