Battening Down the Hatches

‘Cause there’s a storm comin’! Really. There is. There’s some nasty weather coming today and I have to go to work. Normally I don’t work Saturdays, but my building did the unthinkable and actually declared mandatory OT for production. I’m support and they want some support people there “just in case”. There will be two of us there, and we’re splitting up the 9 hours. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with the later time (10 to 3). Normally when I do Saturday OT, I go in as early as possible and I’m usually out of there by 10 in the morning. Now my day is all screwed up and it’s supposed to be snowing hard by the time I end up leaving.

Last Tuesday at Knit Night, I heard from Knittin’ Deb that there had been a sale at Hobby Lobby on “I Love This Yarn” and she brought some in, so I got to feel it. It feels really nice compared to some other brands of acrylic yarn. I will definitely do my afghan in this yarn. She said it was on sale for $1.99 for a ball (about 300 or so yards per ball). I went up on Wednesday, and found that the sale was over, but the shelves were still pretty empty. For the afghan I want to do, I need about 3200 yards of yarn, so I would need ten balls of of this stuff. At regularly $2.50 a ball, $25.00 is not bad at all for afghan material!

I don’t want to disappoint anyone who reads this, but I’m kind of a sporadic blogger. There was a time, years ago, when I’d write every day, more than once a day because I had nothing better to do (and I hadn’t taken up knitting yet). We also had two computers in the house. Now we’re down to one computer and my DH spends more time on it than I do. I get most of my computer time on the weekends because he’s out doing other things.

Now on to project progress…

I’ve got one more inch to go on the sock and then I’m done (except for finishing and blocking). I bent a wire coat hanger to make a substitute sock blocker until I can afford to buy a proper one. I still have to get myself some smaller tapestry needles to weave in my ends. I’m “okay” with the socks. I’m not all that happy with how the short row heels have turned out. I followed the method in the pattern, but my heels are full of holes. I don’t think I’ll write off short row heels for good, but rather find another method that doesn’t leave a lot of holes. I think what happened, since the pattern method was double wrap and turn, is that when I was trying to work the needle tip into the wraps to knit them with the stitch, the yarn got pulled and stretched. There is one point where the short rows started where I have this HUGE gap that I’m going to have to fix. I picked up extra stitches to close the gap, but the gap is still there. There was some quirk in the dye process in my particular ball of yarn where it skipped the white row, and this quirk just happened to fall on the short row heel. It looks kind of cool. 🙂 But now from the heel up, the stripes don’t line up. I’m not too worried about it, though, because it was a quirk in the dye process and not because of “operator error”. 😉

Still on the sleeve for Tubey. I’m about two and a half inches from the point where I increase for the bell sleeve. I got more done on the sleeve at Knit Night two weeks ago than I have in the past two weeks. I think I’m going to make this a Knit Night project because it’s just knitting in the round and I don’t have to sit and count stitches. I wasn’t much for conversation again, because I decided to bring some Wool-Ease I had in the stash and my stitch book and knit up cable swatches. It’s kind of hard to pay attention to conversation and count at the same time. 🙂 I would like to design my own afghan with cables on it some day, but I think I’d better actually knit one from a pattern first.

The Doctor Who Scarf is still on hold. I went to Yarns by Design last Monday for needles and she said that my green might be in next week. She said it sounded like they’re about to start another dye cycle and my Nervous Green was put on back order. So hopefully it comes in soon because I would like to get working on that. This would be another good project to take to Knit Night because it’s all garter stitch and I would just have to count the ridges.

I started another quickie project. It’s the Basic Cable Hat from Stitch n’ Bitch Nation. I’m modifying it to add two more stitch pattern repeats, which means I cast on for 120 stitches and did the ribbing for 12 rounds instead of six. I changed the ribbing to 1 x 1 instead of K1 P2 or whatever the pattern called for. I’m doing this in the Berroco Ultra Alpaca I bought a few weeks ago. Here’s my progress so far. My monitor shows things dark so I can’t see the cables all that well. But it’s looking pretty nice.

mod cable hat


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  1. Cathy-Cate
    Dec 01, 2007 @ 12:48:04

    I saw “Yarns by Design” in this post, where I have just signed up for their Midwest Masters classes in April, and also the approaching storm — so realized we live in the same state! (I’m down in La Crosse.)
    Yes, it was supposed to start snowing at 3 pm for a total of 3-5 inches. By the time I left work at noon, there were already 3 inches on the ground.
    Welcome to December, eh?
    Drive carefully! And avoid all the idiots who aren’t!
    (I’m going to post a few snowy pics shortly; then hunker at home as much as I can for the rest of the day.)

  2. Cheesehead with sticks
    Dec 01, 2007 @ 15:35:38

    I’ll be driving too. I have to get something done at work by tomorrow and I won’t be headed over to that part of the state until at least 7 tonight. Let’s just hope the ice holds off. I would rather drive in 8 inches of snow than a hint of ice!

    Good luck on the short row heels!