My ‘Puter’s Fixed!

Yay! Turned out, the RAM stick wasn’t hosed, there was too much dust in the machine and it was interfering with the connection between the gold finger and the card socket. Once the dust was blown out of it, it worked fine. When I was on the other computer, I bookmarked some blogs, but now I have to remember which ones I bookmarked so I can book mark them on this machine and add them to my links.

Now I just need to get pictures of my FO’s and WIP’s. 🙂

I didn’t make it to Knit Night last Tuesday because my stomach wasn’t feeling well. But I put on the sweats, curled up in the chair under the blanket, and worked on Tubey.

Last Sunday, I finished the sleeves and then picked up the stitches for the body. Once I knit it far enough to try it on, I discovered I did not have to add or remove from the sleeve, so I picked those stitches back up, did the last purl row called in the pattern, and then bound off. I had to add some short rows to accommodate my chest. I’ve never had to add short rows to something where it wasn’t called out in the pattern, so I sat down with pen, paper, and a calculator, figured something out, worked them in, crossed my fingers, and tried it on. My figures were right and the short rows were enough. In order for me to be able to try this on as I go, I ended up getting myself two circs. I could have gotten just one 60″ one, but I’ll use any excuse to go to the LYS. 😉 I set a goal for myself (and signed up for the Knitting December challenge) to finish this by the first of the year. I just have the rest of the body, the finishing, and the blocking and then I’m done!

My other “good” news is that my Nervous Green for the Doctor Who scarf finally came in. So I worked on that a bit, too. I was on the last color before the first occurrence of green and I was doing that one slowly to make it last.

I also started the first block for the Sampler Afghan from Cables Untangled. I checked the book out from the library, and I can keep it until February if I have to (one renewal), but I’ve hinted around that I wanted this book for Christmas, so if I don’t get it, then I will be hitting Knit Picks or Amazon to get a copy after the holidays. This is one of those projects that I probably won’t get finished until next winter. This afghan is HUGE! I’m doing this in “I Love This Yarn” from Hobby Lobby. This is the best acrylic yarn I’ve ever worked with. It’s very soft, not scratchy and not oily feeling, and it does not split! $2.49 for 355 yards is a price that you can’t beat. Considering that this afghan is going to take over 3000 yards of yarn to make, my pocket book is also very happy, too. 🙂

I’ve also started another pair of socks for my son.

After I finish Tubey, I’m going to try and work on the scarf and the socks more and get those finished before I start anything else. I’m looking at working on another sweater for myself because Tubey is going so well.

I’m also pretty much done with my Christmas shopping, too.


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  1. brandy
    Dec 16, 2007 @ 21:00:33

    Yea for the puter! I had one go down due to dust as well. The fan stopped working. Amazing what a little air can fix.

    Thanks for the review of that yarn – I think I shall have to get me to Hobby Lobby.