Merry Christmas…

Since I’m not very regular as a blogger, I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, since I probably won’t be online in the next two days to say so.

I finally got around to posting updated pictures of my progress on some of my projects.

Here’s a pic of my toe up socks. Finally! After putting them away, I took them back out and I put them on, and I’m happier with them now than I was when I just finished them.

fo toe up sock dye anomaly

I took a picture this way so it would show the weird/cool dye anomaly. I’m wearing these right now and they are very, very comfy and warm. 🙂

Here’s my other FO, the modified cable hat:

fo mod cable hat

I’m in the home stretch on Tubey now. I had to put short rows in the bust because when I tried it on, the front rode up pretty high. The short rows fixed that. I wrapped and turned six stitches on each side. Now all I have to do is straight 3×1 knitting in the round until the sweater is as long as I want it to be.  I haven’t had to do much modding of the pattern, apart from the short rows.  I did do the body as large and the top as a medium.  It fits pretty well when I try it on.

tubey 12-23-2007

I got my Nervous Green from Yarns By Design and I’ve continued on with the Doctor Who Scarf, too. Here’s a pic of my progress on that. This is a good thing to work on while watching TV.

doctorwhoscarf progress 12-23-2007

I started the Sampler Afghan. I crossed one of the cables the wrong way, but I’m not going back to fix it, because it’s very minor.

sampler afghan 12-23-2007

And here’s a pic of the socks I’m knitting for my son.

toby sock 12-23-2007

I would like to do a gusset heel on this, even though these are toe up. There is a pattern called Widdershins on that is toe up with a gusset heel. I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon picking it apart and knitting up a sample gusset/heel in the stitches called for the pattern. I think I have this picked apart and figured out with my gauge and stitches for the gusset and the heel stitches, but the one part that’s stumped me is the numbers for the heel turn. I may have to play with another swatch using my numbers.


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