And Happy New Year!

Our main ‘puter is on the fritz again. I’m working this from the laptop right now, but thankfully, I found a keyboard I can plug in so I have something decent to use instead of the laptop keyboard.

My Christmas was pretty quiet this year. Christmas Day, DH and I went to the movies. We saw Sweeney Todd. Then Saturday night, we went to see it again. Go see this movie. Seriously. I’m not a big fan of musicals, but I absolutely loved this movie. I think because it’s rather dark. And it doesn’t hurt that Johnny Depp is in it, either. 🙂 I am probably going to go and see it again this weekend. From what I’ve heard, it’s only in limited release, but the Regal 16 out in Darboy is showing it on two screens. I will warn you, though, it’s Rated R because of the blood. There is a lot of blood in this movie. If there was not all the blood that there was in this movie, it probably would have been a PG-13.

I had to frog my Cable Hat. I learned a valuable knitting lesson in that the proper yarn for the project is as important as gauge. I did not realize that alpaca needs to be knitted tightly because this hat grew and stretched and would not bounce back. I will use the yarn for something else. In the meantime, I had about three balls of black wool I had in the stash, and I will use that to make myself a new winter hat. I’m thinking of using that and using some other yarn I have in the stash to make a hat and a scarf as a stash busting exercise. I will get more black if I don’t have enough in the stash to make both.

My DH got me the Knit Picks Options set for Christmas and then I took some money I had and I ordered the three longer cables for it. I will get the other needle tips for it later. I also went to Knit Picks to get a book on Magic Loop and their nickel plated DPN set size 0 to 3. I’ve tried the new needles out, and I absolutely love them! I am a fan of their fixed nickel plated needles, and with all the raves I heard about the Options set, I had to get them. I am becoming more and more a fan of the nickel plated needles. I think I love the Knit Picks and the Addi Turbo’s equally. I’ve noticed that since I started using the Knit Picks and Addi’s, my wrist has been hurting less and less. I think it’s because the yarn doesn’t grab onto the metal like it does bamboo. I have tendinitis in my wrist that acts up from time to time, and I have to be careful how I hold my needles, how long I knit, and, now, it seems, what needles I use.

I haven’t worked on Tubey in the past couple of weeks.   I’m in the home stretch, or the boring part, 3×1 ribbing.   I think I will save this as a Knit Night project, because I can work on it and not have to count.  And if I do make a mistake, it should be easy to find.    We haven’t had Tuesday Knit Night for the past two weeks because of the holidays, and I miss it.  So I will be glad when it starts up again next week.  🙂

So, hope everyone has a very cool New Year.  🙂


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  1. Eileen Kunstman
    Jan 04, 2008 @ 18:11:55

    I miss Knit Night too! I hope I can make it next Tuesday and hope to see you there!

  2. msannomalley
    Jan 05, 2008 @ 14:01:23

    Unless the weather’s bad or something, I’ll be there. 🙂