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I have seen the movie Sweeney Todd:  The Demon Barber of Fleet Street three times now.  I haven’t seen it yet a fourth time because I bought the soundtrack this past week and that seems to give me my fix.  I don’t think I’ve ever quite had a reaction to a movie like I’ve had to this one, meaning that I have had this insatiable need to see it again and again and again and go to the library and put every Johnny Depp movie they have listed on hold.

For the record, I am not a big musical person.  But I love this one!  Mainly  I think because it’s kind of messed up.

In other news, I got my Knit Picks order the other day.  I ordered more cords for my Options set, the nickel plated DPN sock set, and the book on Magic Loop.  I took the 60 inch cord and I am finishing up Tubey a la Magic Loop.  I am in the home stretch now, but I think I lost some weight in the chest since I last tried it on because it seems bigger than it did last time I tried it on.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Options needles!  I absolutely love them.  I have a couple pairs of the Addi Turbo’s, but I’m liking the Options the more I use them.  I was very leery about using interchangeable needles.  I used the Boye Interchangeables, and I hated them.  The needles angled in a way that made my wrist ache when I used them, the join was not smooth, and the cord was too stiff.  But a lot of people on the Knitting Help Forums just raved about them, so I thought I’d give them a try.  I did try the fixed circs first, because I hadn’t knit with the slick metal needles before.  When I found I liked knitting with those, I decided to get the Options.  I am so sold on these needles!

I have made a  New Year’s Knitting Resolution to knit more from the stash.  I knit myself a new hat from stash yarn, and I’m making a scarf to match, but I will end up buying more yarn to finish it off.  I will only buy two more balls, but I am doing this two strands held together.   I’ve got most of a ball of some Brown Sheep Nature Spun that will end up being a winter hat for my nephew.  He went along with his dad hunting this year, (he’s too young to hunt, but old enough to go along),  so he’s getting a blaze orange, hand knit winter hat from his auntie.  🙂

I feel like such a knob.  Last Tuesday, I missed Knit Night because I paid too much attention to the weather and not to what it was actually doing outside.  They kept predicting that the rain we were having would freeze.  I don’t do well with ice.  I can handle driving in the snow okay, but I do not like driving on ice.  I ended up staying home not wanting to chance anything freezing before I got home and I figured that I would probably go up to the Sunday Knit ‘n’ Sip.  Not only did it not freeze on Tuesday, but now there is no Sunday Knit ‘n Sip because Dunn Brothers is no longer a meeting place period.  They decided to change their hours on Tuesday’s and didn’t bother to let Ann know, and she found this out last Tuesday.  That’s real nice of them…not.  I can’t blame her in the least for not having the Sunday get-togethers there, either.


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  1. cheesehead with sticks
    Jan 15, 2008 @ 08:26:08

    I’ve really been trying to avoid the whole Sweeny Todd thing. I remember having to watch it in 6th grade music class, and I was horrified. I don’t even really remember much of the detials, just the main points, but the storyline just must have really thrown me for a loop. Every few months I would remember back to that time in my life and shudder, especially if anyone ever said the words “mincemeat pie”. The more ya’ll talk about it though, the more I maybe wonder if I should give it a second chance…