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I am a very lazy blogger.  Actually, I don’t want to push the previous post down the page.  😀

I have been knitting, but not much, though.  I started knitting Yosemite from the spring Knitty with Knit Picks Shine Worsted, but I ended up frogging it because the gauge got all wonky on me and it grew.  I achieved gauge when I swatched, but the sweater just grew.  I had finished the front and was working on the back when I got to a point where I could try it on and I was swimming in it.  So I frogged it and now I’m using the yarn to knit The Shapely Tank Top, but with sleeves.

I still want to knit Yosemite, but I will do it later and probably with different yarn, and maybe alter it enough to put longer sleeves on it.  The Knit Picks Shine seems so suited to the Shapely Tank Top.  The drape is excellent.

In other news, my son got his driver’s license the other day.  He’s actually very “eh” about it.  😕

Speaking of cars and teenage drivers, my son “totaled” my car, so now we only have one vehicle.  Actually the accident wasn’t his fault.  He had the right of way and another car turning left failed to yield to him at the green light.  Needless to say, physics came into play and the airbags deployed.  My car was 10 years old and it cost more to replace the air bags alone than what the car was worth.  And right now, we can’t afford a second car payment, so I got my hours changed at work and my hubby drops me off.  We took the money I got from the insurance company for my car and paid off a good chunk of the van.  Once the van is paid off, then I can save up to put a downpayment on another car.  I would like to finance as little as possible, so a down payment is necessary.  A larger one is preferred.

Now watch, because gas is so high, by the time I have money saved up, we can’t afford to have two cars.  🙄

We’re used to having one vehicle now, but it has put a dent in my extracurricular activities.  And what having one vehicle hasn’t cramped, the price of gas has.  The vehicle we lost was the one with the better gas mileage.


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  1. Eileen Kunstman
    Jun 13, 2008 @ 08:54:20

    Sorry about your car. We had one car for YEARS, actually until 3 years ago when we got our van.

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