Please Won’t You Think of This Poor Woman!

Health care reform is a heated topic these days, with arguments pro and con that run the gamut.  But for those of you who are on the con side of the debate, please consider the plight of this poor woman named “Holly”.

Because of the heartless greed of overpaid insurance company CEO’s, “Holly” must re-use her catheters.

Let me repeat this:  “Holly” must re-use her catheters.

While these out-of-touch corporate heads are jet-setting about in their luxury Gulfstreams and snorting cocaine off of the  buttocks of their nubile and nymph-like 20 year old mistresses, poor Holly must endure the humiliation and drudgery of boiling and re-using her catheters!  While these corporate fat cats can spend endless amounts of money on Botox, breast implants, face lifts, and other frivolous procedures for their wives, poor “Holly” has to deal with urinary tract infections!

Where is the outrage?

When these gun-totin’, tea baggin’ protestors are invoking Hitler and screaming “Socialism” at their Congressmen, where is their outrage over the plight of poor “Holly”?  Isn’t socialism a small price to pay to avoid the devastation and humiliation this poor woman suffers from having to re-use catheters?  Where is the outrage that this once vibrant and outgoing woman has become an anti-social recluse because of her secret shame??

Walk a mile in “Holly’s” shoes once, and I’m sure some tunes will be a-changing.

So please think of this woman when you take your stand on the issue of health care.  The next catheter that is re-used may be yours.


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