Obscure Music Video of the Week-9/23/10

Your obscure music video of the week and lesson in early computer animation is Will Powers Adventures in Success from 1983.

I remember that around this time, there was a music video show that aired in the mornings on a cable channel whose name I do not remember and is probably no longer in existence.  This video was on heavy rotation on that show.  I think it also aired on USA’s Night Flight, too.  Before my local cable company added MTV to their line up, this unnamed and now defunct cable channel’s music show was how I got my fix of Duran Duran videos until the weekends (where I would watch Friday Night Videos on NBC and Night Tracks on TBS).

I always remembered this video because of the semi-creepy rotating faces chanting “It’s you…only you”  and “Make it habit, make it happen.”  If they were trying to re-create an indoctrination, then they definitely succeeded.


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