Proofreading is your Friend #1

While searching for any other synonyms for the word sphincter (don’t ask, it’s for a future blog post), I came across a sentence that could have used a bit of proofreading:

Click for larger image.

If you are going to use proper biological terms such as sphincter, anus, rectum, or alimentary canal, shouldn’t you also be using the proper biological term “feces” instead of using the word poop?

Just sayin….


Design Fail

I tried to read the text on this, but the light text on light background gave me such a headache, I gave up.

WTF Alchemy Request from

Regretsy is one of my daily must read sites.  I can never get enough of the dark side of Etsy.  (Etsy is the online place where you can sell your handmade goods.)

A feature of Etsy is the Alchemy Request.  This is where someone can put out a request to have something custom made and other people can bid on it.  Usually these are requests for benign things like invitations or purses or hats.  But then there is the truly weird and disturbing, much like this one for a Joe Jonas suit for “intimate play”.   And it only gets worse from there.

Excuse my while I go hurl.



I Have Seen the Face of Evil

And it is wrapped in a Snuggie and singing the “cult” classic song The Macerena.  (Their words, not mine)

The makers of Snuggie deserve a big, fat, and painful snuggie for trying to resurrect the Macerena.

I Miss Mr. Whipple

Here’s the latest in the long running Charmin Bears toilet paper series of commercials, and it’s just as disturbing as the Left Over Bits ad.

The plot, if you will, features an Ursidae couple during a night alone.  The male bear is playing the Barry White card and the female half of the couple is definitely interested, as indicated by her “oh yeah, come here” look.   The camera turns back to the male bear, pans back, and we see that he is sitting on the crapper while at the same time serenading and caressing his face with a long string of toilet paper.

Wait.  What?

After the standard product demonstration, now the couple are sitting on the couch together, using a roll of toilet paper in their foreplay.

And this is supposed to make me want to buy Charmin….why?

They should heed the words of the late, great, sorely missed Mr. Whipple:  Please don’t squeeze the Charmin.

Please don’t squeeze, fondle, or caress the Charmin.

Here’s Two Minutes and Thirty Eight Seconds of Your Life You Will Never Get Back

This is:

a)  a train wreck of epic proportions

b) proof that having your face pulled as taut as this woman’s also affects your ability to dance

c)  campy gay Guido back-up dancers can’t even save this pile of crap

d) a whole new level of suck

Toys from My Childhood-Baby Laughs A Lot

Here is a toy from my childhood.  Baby Laughs A Lot

What.  The. Hell.

I don’t remember this and I think it’s because the memory of this doll and commercial was so traumatic, I repressed any and all memories of it.  This doll is the bastard child of Chucky from the Child’s Play movies and the horrifying “Get Your Tickets Here!” Monkey from The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies. Imagine this doll sitting up on your shelf with those demonic eyes following you and mocking you with its evil laugh.  Imagine this doll sitting up on your shelf and boring holes through your very soul with its demonic eyes as you try to sleep at night.

And you’re six years old.

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