Obscure Music Video of the Week 10/28/2010

After a few weeks’ hiatus (because I was on vacation and I couldn’t find any obscure songs), Obscure Music Video of the Week is back.

This week’s video is for the song What About Me? by the band Moving Pictures

This is one of those songs I remember because it was played on the radio at the time when I discovered and really got into popular music.  Starting when I was in the 7th grade, Sunday nights were spent glued to my radio, listening to America’s Top 40 with Casey Kasem.   I would listen to the music, write whatever was on my mind, and imagine.   Music has been my salvation during some of the rougher times of my life and this song reminds me of the time when I discovered the joys of music.


Obscure Music Video of the Week-9/30/2010

This week’s obscure music video is a song I’ve had stuck in my head for 20 years and could not remember the name of to save my life.  The song is called Jelly Roll and the band is Blue Murder.  I do remember that one of the local radio stations played this song a lot and that one station was the only place I heard this song.  I was living out in the boonies at the time and didn’t have cable (This is before DirectTV and Dish Network), so I did not see the music video.  The song is from 1989-1990.

Obscure Music Video of the Week-9/23/10

Your obscure music video of the week and lesson in early computer animation is Will Powers Adventures in Success from 1983.

I remember that around this time, there was a music video show that aired in the mornings on a cable channel whose name I do not remember and is probably no longer in existence.  This video was on heavy rotation on that show.  I think it also aired on USA’s Night Flight, too.  Before my local cable company added MTV to their line up, this unnamed and now defunct cable channel’s music show was how I got my fix of Duran Duran videos until the weekends (where I would watch Friday Night Videos on NBC and Night Tracks on TBS).

I always remembered this video because of the semi-creepy rotating faces chanting “It’s you…only you”  and “Make it habit, make it happen.”  If they were trying to re-create an indoctrination, then they definitely succeeded.

Obscure Music Video of the Week – 9/16/2010

Your obscure music video for this week is for a song named Voices, by Russ Ballard.

I have a vague recollection of this being in somewhat heavy rotation on MTV in 1984.  I remember tuning this song out because I was waiting for Duran Duran to come on and this then 14-year-old girl thought this song was boring.  This is a typical 80s video following the early 80s video cliché of skinny rock stars thinking that they are spies and/or action heroes.  The only other thing I remember about this song is that my cousin slightly amended the lyrics of the chorus to be  “I’ve got to pee/I’ve…got…to…peee”.   Forgive him, but he was nine years old at the time.