Here’s Two Minutes and Thirty Eight Seconds of Your Life You Will Never Get Back

This is:

a)  a train wreck of epic proportions

b) proof that having your face pulled as taut as this woman’s also affects your ability to dance

c)  campy gay Guido back-up dancers can’t even save this pile of crap

d) a whole new level of suck


Brett Favre’s Big Screen Return?

I’m a little disappointed it’s not There’s Something About Mary 2.

Brett Favre's Return to the Silver Screen?

Brett Favre's Return to the Silver Screen?

Via 620  Center bottom picture is my favorite.

Things I Want to See #1

I would like to see someone make this cake….

And give it to a bridezilla.

Thanks to Food Network Humor for the link to the You Tube Video and commenter SJ for the Bridezilla reference.