Toys from My Childhood-The Bionic Woman Dome House

This is a toy from my childhood.  Here is the Bionic Woman Dome House. I had a Jamie Sommers doll.  Now I wish I had this house.

I’m not sure what I love more, the fact that this doll house looks like some groovy 1970s  pad teeming with all sorts of swinging singles in polyester having wild parties with lots of cocaine and wild sex, the rampant sexism (Instead of waiting for the details of her next mission, the Bionic Woman is getting all pretty and waiting for her “man” to show up), or the angelic choir singing “Jaaaaaaaaaaaaamie Sommers” in the background.


Commercials They Wouldn’t Dare Make Today

Here’s a commercial for a toy from my childhood that they would not dare to make today.

I present to you Rub a Dub Dolly.

I think it speaks for itself.

WTF, You Tube (NSFW)?

Yet another WTF You Tube recommendation:

(Slightly NSFW picture after the jump)


One of these things is not like the other

When you watch a video on You Tube, the site will suggest other videos for you to see.  These videos usually have something to do with the video you are currently watching.  Sometimes, the video suggested only shares a tag in common.  And other times, suggestions will leave you scratching your head.

You Tube gave a recent suggestion while I was watching a Brett Favre parody video.

Click for larger image

The video on You Tube.

Epic Win

(Literal Video+Hooked on a Feeling) The Hoff =Epic Win!

For more literal videos, which are quite hilarious, check out dascottjr’s channel on You Tube.

Monkees vs. The Room

What do you get when you cross a 60s musical sitcom with one of the worst movies ever made?

This little gem.  🙂

Yo Dawg, I Thought It Was a Little Pitchy

Long before American Idol showcased the worst singers ever for comic relief, there was this guy.   I don’t know if this was done intentionally or if Nicholas Stern was serious when he ramped up the reverb and proceeded to assault our ears, but this has to be one of the funnier “bad” performances I’ve seen in a while.  Mrannomalley was horrified when he first saw this, but I couldn’t stop laughing.

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