When Bad Songs Happen to Good Artists-The Led Zeppelin Edition

I love the band Led Zeppelin.  But sometimes, it is difficult for me to wrap my brain around the fact that the same band who did epic songs like Dazed and Confused, Stairway to Heaven, and Kashmir also did Fool in the Rain.

I suppose I should be grateful that they decided to make a quasi-samba record instead of completely selling out and making a disco record like so many rock artists did in the late 1970s (I’m talking to you Rolling Stones, KISS, and Rod Stewart).   But it doesn’t make this song any easier to take.    I’m all for bands being creative and experimenting.  When it works, it’s wonderful.  When it doesn’t work, then it’s a disaster.  This song is the latter.


When Bad Songs Happen to Good Artists-The Smokey Robinson Edition

Love Bath.  You’re either going to be squicked out or laugh at this attempt to make a smooth groove version of Eddie Murphy doing James Brown’s Celebrity Hot Tub on Saturday Night Live.

Smokey, how could you sing this flaming sack of dog poo????  I would expect to hear lyrics like this ooze like pus out of the mouth of some Z-list douchebag reality show contestant with delusions of talent, NOT out of the mouth of one of the greatest soul singers of all time!

No word on if this song is going to become the new jingle for Cialis.

When Bad Songs Happen to Good Artists-The Beatles Edition

I know it’s popular to bag on this Beatles song, but I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and bag anyway.  The song in question is Revolution #9, from The White Album.

This song is just plain awful.  It’s not artsy.  It’s the musical equivalent of a hoarder’s house: chaotic, messy, and uninhabitable (or in this case, unlistenable).