WTF, You Tube (NSFW)?

Yet another WTF You Tube recommendation:

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One of these things is not like the other

When you watch a video on You Tube, the site will suggest other videos for you to see.  These videos usually have something to do with the video you are currently watching.  Sometimes, the video suggested only shares a tag in common.  And other times, suggestions will leave you scratching your head.

You Tube gave a recent suggestion while I was watching a Brett Favre parody video.

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The video on You Tube.

WTF Recommendations #2

When I hear a Rolling Stones song, I automatically think of women's deoderant

Because I watched a 1973 commercial for Soft & Dri Deoderant featuring a voice over with Casey Kasem, You Tube thinks I should watch a video for The Rolling Stone’s Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker).

Really, You Tube?  What does Mick Jagger have to do with women’s deodorant?   What does this song even have to do with deodorant?   The lyrics talk about some sad and gritty subjects (drug use being one of them), but I don’t recall pitting out your shirt or people offended by the nasty funk you are emitting from your armpits being one of them.

Casey Kasem hosted America’s Top 40 and played quite a few Rolling Stones songs in his day, but Casey Kasem did a lot of other things and I don’t see You Tube recommending I watch a particular episode of Scooby Doo because I watched an old deoderant commercial.

Just because two things happened in the same decade doesn’t mean they are even remotely related.

WTF, Netflix??

This showed up in my Netflix recommendations.

WTF, Netflix??

What in the hell does a Stargate movie have to do with Jane Eyre?

I suppose you’re wondering why I “enjoyed” this movie.  I didn’t.  I didn’t even watch it.  I share my Netflix account with mrannomalley, sci fi geek extraordinaire.   He was the one who enjoyed it.  And yes, some weird suggestions happen to pop up in my recommendations because of his prior viewing choices.

But I still want to know what these two movies have to do with each other.  Timothy Dalton isn’t even in the Stargate movie!

WTF Recommendations #1

Because I watched Emergency Bloopers: The Final Cut on You Tube, You Tube thinks I should watch KISS’s, I Was Made For Loving You.

Really, You Tube???

Really???  What does a show about LA County paramedics have to do with the band KISS?  Much less their contribution to disco?

Okay, both Emergency! and this song happened in the 1970s.  I guess that’s something they both have in common.

I suppose one could also make the argument that the members of KISS have quite a bit of hair.   Back in the day, Randolph Mantooth, star of Emergency!, also had quite a nice head of hair, too.  So nice, in fact, that sometimes I get the urge to reach into the TV set because I want to run my fingers through it (although we won’t go into why I have the urge to reach into the TV set and do this for a TV show that originally aired when I was in Kindergarten).  But that’s grasping at straws.

So, I don’t know.  What does the TV show Emergency! and KISS’s I Was Made For Loving You have in common?  The world may never know….