Design Fail

I tried to read the text on this, but the light text on light background gave me such a headache, I gave up.


I Miss Mr. Whipple

Here’s the latest in the long running Charmin Bears toilet paper series of commercials, and it’s just as disturbing as the Left Over Bits ad.

The plot, if you will, features an Ursidae couple during a night alone.  The male bear is playing the Barry White card and the female half of the couple is definitely interested, as indicated by her “oh yeah, come here” look.   The camera turns back to the male bear, pans back, and we see that he is sitting on the crapper while at the same time serenading and caressing his face with a long string of toilet paper.

Wait.  What?

After the standard product demonstration, now the couple are sitting on the couch together, using a roll of toilet paper in their foreplay.

And this is supposed to make me want to buy Charmin….why?

They should heed the words of the late, great, sorely missed Mr. Whipple:  Please don’t squeeze the Charmin.

Please don’t squeeze, fondle, or caress the Charmin.