WTF Recommendations #1

Because I watched Emergency Bloopers: The Final Cut on You Tube, You Tube thinks I should watch KISS’s, I Was Made For Loving You.

Really, You Tube???

Really???  What does a show about LA County paramedics have to do with the band KISS?  Much less their contribution to disco?

Okay, both Emergency! and this song happened in the 1970s.  I guess that’s something they both have in common.

I suppose one could also make the argument that the members of KISS have quite a bit of hair.   Back in the day, Randolph Mantooth, star of Emergency!, also had quite a nice head of hair, too.  So nice, in fact, that sometimes I get the urge to reach into the TV set because I want to run my fingers through it (although we won’t go into why I have the urge to reach into the TV set and do this for a TV show that originally aired when I was in Kindergarten).  But that’s grasping at straws.

So, I don’t know.  What does the TV show Emergency! and KISS’s I Was Made For Loving You have in common?  The world may never know….