Commercials They Wouldn’t Dare Make Today

Here’s a commercial for a toy from my childhood that they would not dare to make today.

I present to you Rub a Dub Dolly.

I think it speaks for itself.


Toys from My Childhood-Mr. Mouth

Here is another toy from my idyllic 1970s childhood.  It is the game Mr. Mouth.

This toy fell into a very special category:  Toys I Couldn’t Have Because They Required Batteries.

Yes, this poor, deprived little girl never had a Simon game or a Baby Alive or anything cool because her parents didn’t want to buy the batteries.

Toys From My Childhood-Bristle Blocks

Here is another toy from my childhood, Playskool’s Bristle Blocks.  (Skip to 1:40 in the video.  Sorry it cuts off.  It was the only commercial for this toy I could find on You Tube.)

I did not actually own these.  My sister got them for Christmas one year.  However, she let me play with them because I let her play with something I got.  Being the precocious child that I was, I made a Bristle Block replica of the family dog that Christmas morning.

Did I mention that it was an anatomically correct replica of the family dog?  And that our dog was male?  And because there were no short blocks, my anatomically correct replica of our family dog was very, very well endowed?

Needless to say, my mother freaked out over that one.